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How Does IGP Keep You and Your Local Management Updated on Employee Benefits Trends?

IGP offers the employee benefits or risk manager access to a variety of resources on required coverages as well as customary local employee benefits practice.  This information can be invaluable in designing benefit plans for the employees of your foreign operations. 

IGP Country Profiles

IGP Country Profiles are prepared annually by our Network Partners and provide information on the social security and customary employee benefits practice in their respective countries.  These profiles are made available as a resource to IGP clients to assist with benefit planning.

Download Sample IGP Country Profile for Spain

IGP Country Profiles are available free of charge to international employee benefits managers or risk managers of multinational organizations.  If you would like to receive an IGP Country Profile or have one of our Network Partners quote on any of your company's group coverages, please contact IGP at: igpinfo@jhancock.com