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PFA Pension

PFA Pension was founded in 1917 and is the largest privately owned life insurance company in Denmark. PFA is also the leading underwriter of group insurance and pension plans in Denmark with a 19.6% share of the overall financial services market. PFA Pension has assets of close to DKK 600 billion, and its premium income exceeds DKK 39 billion from approximately 1.3 million customers who have chosen one or more of PFA’s pension products.

In 2009, PFA introduced two new products: PFA Preventive Care, which targets minor work-related conditions and actively intervenes to prevent them from developing into long-term illnesses; and PFA Plus, a flexible new lifecycle pension product with options that can be tailored to the needs of the client. PFA also established a Health Centre in 2009 that provides one point of contact for all health-related inquiries.

PFA's pension product, CustomerCapital, allows it to return to customers a share of the profits earned on their savings - a unique feature in the Danish market.

Independent agencies have given PFA high scores for the financial returns on its retirement products, pricing of products, and high level of service. PFA is strongly committed to being involved in public and legislative matters concerning the status of pensions in Denmark and to providing service based on ethical guidelines. In 2009, PFA signed the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), as well as the United Nations' Global Compact (UNGC) for Corporate Social Responsibility.

PFA Pension has been an IGP Network Partner since 1982.

Key Products


  • Life (as part of a pension plan)


  • Critical Illness (as part of the pension plan)
  • Disability Cover (as part of the pension plan)
  • Waiver of Premium


  • Health Insurance
  • Preventive Care


  • Insured Pensions
  • Market Rate Savings
For more information on PFA Pension, please visit: www.pfa.dk.
(Information is available in English.)