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Malakoff Médéric Courtage

Malakoff Médéric Courtage is based in Paris, France and was created via the partnership between two supplementary employee benefits and health insurance groups: Médéric (renamed Malakoff Médéric in 2008) and MMA.

With a portfolio of over 200,000 companies and 4.8 million policyholders, Malakoff Médéric is one of the leading employee benefits providers in France. It ranks first in the French market for group life and disability insurance and second for employee retirement plans.

Malakoff Médéric can provide tailor-made benefits solutions and offers a comprehensive range of products that includes: life, disability, supplemental health insurance, employee savings and retirement plans, as well as key man coverage and credit insurance. Its first-class services include a dedicated customer service team that responds to inquiries from clients, policyholders and distributors within 48 hours.

In partnership with specialized healthcare service providers and its own subsidiaries, Malakoff Médéric offers an array of innovative wellness and prevention programs that includes: a network of opticians and hearing specialists; screenings for cardiovascular disease; personalized weight-loss and fitness plans; health and wellbeing surveys; occupational health self-assessment tools; personalized health reviews and risk monitoring; assistance with planning for hospitalization, serious illnesses and long-term care; as well as “return to work” programs.

Malakoff Médéric Courtage joined the International Group Program in 2010.

Key Products


  • Life
  • Optional Supplemental Life
  • Widow's and Orphans' Pensions


  • Long-Term Disability
  • Short-Term Disability


  • Corporate Supplemental Health Insurance


  • Corporate Pension Plans (Unit and Non-unit Linked)
  • Hybrid Corporate Pension Plans (Combined Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution)
  • Mandatory Retirement Plans
  • Termination Indemnities
  • Early Retirement Plans


  • Credit Insurance
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Life, Health and Disability Insurance for Self-Employed Managers
  • Pensions for Self-Employed Managers
For more information, please visit Malakoff Médéric Courtage at: www.courtage.malakoffmederic.com
(Information is in French.)