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Nordben Life and Pension Insurance Co. Limited

Nordben Life and Pension Insurance Co., Limited is owned by Dutch-holding company BenCo Insurance Holding B.V. The shareholders of BenCo are: Storebrand Life, Norway; Mandatum Life, Finland and Varma Finland.

It was established in 1985 and offers life and disability solutions for the multinational corporation wishing to provide an international or offshore benefit program for their globally mobile employees. Policies may be denominated in a variety of currencies.

Nordben is based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. The benefits of being based in Guernsey can be summarized as follows:

  • Leading Financial Services Center
  • Europe's Largest Captive Insurance Domicile
  • Adherence to an International Standard
  • Policyholder Protection
  • No Exchange Controls
  • No Taxation on Policyholder Funds
  • Politically Stable and Well-Regulated

Nordben has been an IGP Network Partner since 2000.

Key Products


  • Lump Sum on Death
  • Accidental Death
  • Widow's and Orphans' Pensions


  • Disability Pension or Lump Sum
  • Waiver of Pension Contributions
  • Accidental Permanent Partial Disability
Nordben is located on the internet at: www.nordben.com.